Praxic Tide Media


Praxic Tide Media is a project to create and share fun and engaging content that is both grounded in everyday experience, as well as intellectually and ethically informed.


If you are interested in providing moral support, here is a PTM Discord channel which is free to join, where supporters can discuss and provide feedback on PTM’s various projects.

If you are interested in providing financial support, here is a PTM Patreon where you can make a small monthly contribution to keep things running. Patrons can receive a variety of small thank you’s and perks, including a patrons-only section of the Discord, the option to receive a quarterly postcard, and more in the future.

Please see this page for a breakdown and discussion of PTM’s current and planned spending.


Kenmore or Less

This is a podcast covering a variety of topics and formats, largely through interviews and round table discussions, hosted by Kenmore Thompson. Kenmore or Less has a broad focus and a variety of episode formats, and is focused on being both entertaining and informed.

Please see this page for more detail about Kenmore or Less.


The organizational heading under which social media-ready content is produced and posted. In addition to short segments pulled from the regular content of Kenmore or Less and Praxic Games, it also includes a variety of original content that aims to be informative and/or fun.

Please subscribe to PTM on Instagram or TikTok to view this content. (coming soon)

Praxic Games

A mish-mash of streaming and lets-play content which has no current schedule or structure. May be developed further in the future.

Please see this page for more detail about Praxic Games. (coming soon)

Salt Water Thesis

An desert scene with a camel train walking along a dune. The third "camel" in the train is actually a caribou. The title "Salt Water Thesis" is at the top of the image, and "PTM" on the bottom.

This podcast launched in 2020 but went on hiatus in the spring due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was an exploration into Newfoundland and Labrador identity, hosted by Kenmore, and focused primarily on interviews of Newfoundlanders and Labradorians living away from their home province. The long-term plan was also to interview migrants to NL, indigenous peoples, as well as scholars and writers on a variety of topics relevant to NL, its history, and its future.

It is our intention to bring Salt Water Thesis back in the future, depending on funding and opportunity to do so.

Please see this page for more detail about Salt Water Thesis. (coming soon)


Kenmore Thompson

The founder, and currently the sole producer and host of PTM. He has previously produced and hosted the podcast Salt Water Thesis, and various video projects under the banner of Praxic Games. He currently produces and hosts Kenmore or Less.

Please see for more information about Kenmore.