Praxic Tide Costs

The following breakdown of costs was updated in June of 2024, and reflects Praxic Tide Media production planning at that time; primarily just the podcast Kenmore or Less, related social media content, as well as some undisclosed behind-the-scenes work oriented toward future planning.

The projected value of the work that will go into Kenmore or Less for the third quarter of 2024 is approximately $3,680 (One-time costs amortized over 3 years; assuming 2 episodes per month over 3 months). Of that, approximately $3,360 will be unpaid labour done by Kenmore to plan, research, record, edit, publish, and promote the podcast.


Here are two tables of equipment which have already been purchased, and a shopping/wish-list for the future, if finances allow. This list doesn’t include anything for video content, or reflect the ultimate intention to assemble a fully-mobile, largely-wireless recording setup that can be worn for (for example) walking interviews.

Equipment (already purchased)Total Cost
Zoom H5 Digital Multitrack Recorder$436.39
Marantz Condenser Microphones (x2)$174.28
Earamble Studio Pop Filters (x2)$28.66
Total: $636.33
Equipment (to be purchased/wishlist)Total Cost
Pelican 1535 Air Carry-On Case$420.95
Zoom EXH-6 Dual XLR/TRS Capsule$99.99
Marantz Condenser Microphones (x2)$174.28
Pop Filters (x2)~$30.00
Portable Mic Stands (x4)$157.28
Total: $882.50

Annual Expenses

Here are two tables of annual expenses, largely for web hosting, domain name registration, and digital licenses.

This does not include the dream, which is to purchase an NVivo 14 license, which may cost up to $2,038.00 USD, which is frankly absurd. If I’m ever in a position to spend that much money on a Qualitative Analysis software, I’ll definitely be comparison shopping, but NVivo is the one I’m currently most comfortable with.

Annual Expenses (already purchased)Total Cost
Domain Name$30.48
Web Hosting$24.57
Google Workspace License (x1)$93.48
Podcast Publishing/Hosting$88.20
Royalty-Free Music$104.99
Total: $341.72

Episodic Expenses

Unlike the tables above, the table below is a ballpark estimate for a podcast episode, not including the equipment and annual costs listed elsewhere. Currently all of the work listed in the table is done by Kenmore, and is unpaid, but the rates listed here are an expression of intention and ambition.

As soon as we are able to, we would like to hire an editor so that Kenmore does not have to edit episodes himself (a task he does not enjoy). It is based on the production of an episode of Salt Water Thesis. When and if other expenses are squared away, we would also like to fairly compensate Kenmore and any other collaborators for their time and effort.

Line ItemRateUnitsTotal
Research & Prep$30/hr5$150.00
Gratuity (for guests)$50/ep1$50.00
Publishing & Social Media$30/hr1$30.00
Total: $560.00

Miscellaneous Expenses

These represent various other costs that have been paid, or are on the wishlist for the relatively near future. Many of these are expressed as ranges to reflect the uncertainty of future costs and/or to conceal some costs already paid for, which sellers may prefer us not to disclose.

ExpenseCost Range
Web Design$80-120
Graphic Design$400-1000
Music License$300-800