Personal Wishlist


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I largely read on a tablet, but have been building a collection of early-edition hardcover books. Here are some titles on my wishlist.

Adams, DouglasDirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency
Adams, DouglasMostly Harmless
Banks, Iain MThe Player of Games
Banks, Iain MLook to Windward
Bell, Madison SmarttAll Souls’ Rising
Bell, Madison SmarttMaster of the Crossroads
Bell, Madison SmarttThe Stone That the Builder Refused
Chabon, MichaelThe Yiddish Policeman’s Union
Chabon, MichaelWonder Boys
Corey, James S ACibola Burn
Corey, James S ANemesis Games
Corey, James S ABabylon’s Ashes
Crichton, MichaelJurassic Park
Crichton, MichaelTimeline
Pratchett, TerryThe Colour of Magic
Pratchett, TerryThe Light Fantastic
Pratchett, TerrySmall Gods
Pratchett, TerryHogfather
Pratchett, TerryJingo

Computer Gear

VIRPIL Mongoose T-50CM3 Throttle$339.95 USD
VIRPIL MongoosT-50CM3 Base$329.95 USD
VIRPIL VPC Constellation ALPHA Prime Left$289.95 USD
VIRPIL VPC Constellation ALPHA Prime Right$289.95 USD


71460 Mr. Oz’s Spacebus$119.99
71476 Zoey and Zian the Cat-Owl$64.99
71477 The Sandman’s Tower$119.99
71478 The Never Witch’s Midnight Raven$129.99
71479 Zoey’s Cat Motorcycle$24.99
71480 Logan the Mighty Panda$39.99
71481 Izzie’s Dream Animals$49.99
71483 The Never Witch’s Nightmare Creatures$59.99
71484 Cooper’s Robot Dinosaur C-Rex$99.99
71485 Mateo and Z-Blob the Knight Battle Mech$169.99
71486 Castle Nocturnia$259.99

Other LEGO

10305 Lion Knights’ Castle$499.99
10317 Land Rover Classic Defender 90$329.99
10327 Dune Atreides Royal Ornithopter$214.99
10332 Medieval Town Square$299.99